Lovely Empowering Femininity

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Rose quartz is a the pink variety of the mineral quartz. This gem is typically found in large crystals that can either be eye-clean or a milky pastel due to wispy inclusions. Both versions of the stone are marketable.

Rose quartz's color causing property is microscopic inclusions of silicate mineral fibers. These very fine inclusions form within quartz as it cools, aligning parallel with the quartz's crystal directions thus giving it a rosey hue.

Sometimes rose quartz exhibits the stellar phenomenon asterism or slight adularescence when included with intersecting rutile needles.

Rose quartz is found globally, typically in pegmatite mines, in areas of the United States, Madagascar, Brazil, India, and Sri Lanka.


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Rose quartz's pinky floral hues invoke thoughts of femininity and love. The first iteration of rose quartz was uncovered as beads in ancient Mesopotamia.

Romans used carved rose quartz as seals or as intaglio signet rings to use as a form of identification.

During the 18th century rose quartz was believed to be a type of love spell; making it's wearer more desirable to the opposite sex.

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Jewelry and Care

Since rose quartz is found as such large specimens, this allows gem cutters to fashion substantial stones which are typically cabochons or carvings. Sometimes particularly transparent rose quartz that displays saturated color will be faceted.

As a hard stone, rose quartz can be cleaned with a soft brush in warm soapy water or wiped with a soft cloth. When stored, it should be wrapped to prevent it from scratching softer stones or it being scratched by harder stones such as diamond and ruby. Avoid harsh chemicals when wearing this stone or any kind of jewelry.