Handcrafted Italian Fine Jewelry

Roberto Coin jewelry was founded in 1977 in the romantic city of Vicenza, Italy. More than 20% of Italian jewelry originates from this location and Roberto Coin has been in business for more than four decades.

Known for its marvelous mix of centuries-old Italian craftsmanship and modern design techniques it has become a world-renowned luxury designer jewelry. Every piece is unique and handcrafted using delicate materials and bold designs.

In 1996 the Appassionata collection by Roberto Coin, captured the attention of women who considered it to be quite special. The designer has adopted rubies as materials that provide “romantic ways to wish the best to everyone wearing their pieces”. The ruby has been the central element for the brand known as the “King of Gemstones”.  This line was influenced by the designer’s interest in historic books and old Egyptian legends.

As Roberto Coin himself says, ruby is a magic stone that is able to provide health, happiness and long life to those who keep it in close contact. According to the ancient pharaoh’s legend, these stones came from a region in turmoil and combine great physical and aesthetic characteristics.

Vicenza, Italy as well as the signature ruby are the two main ways to determine the authenticity of Roberto Coin jewelry. All of the pieces are precision-crafted and designed in 18 karat gold whether they include gemstones or not.


Where Innovation, Creativity And Exuberance Meet

If you are looking for a special way to give a gift to someone you will see that Roberto Coin pieces make it possible. Noted for its excellent workmanship when it comes to fine jewelry, the brand is inspired by the joy of life.

Light, shape and color can be found in each Roberto Coin creation. From diamonds to white gold, yellow gold, gold and steel combinations and other materials, the brand prides itself in creating necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches and pendants.

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