Riker Brothers

The history of Riker Brothers Antique jewelry

The Riker Brothers Firm is a company that was originally known for its work with special Art Nouveau styles, birds pendants and brooches. In the earlier years the brand manufactured jewelry exclusively for masons. They are a brand known for pearls, gemstones, platinum with diamonds and fine jewelry.

William Riker As The Face Behind Many Firms Prior To The Riker Brothers

In the 1870s, the “made-in-America” phrase was coined and referred to fine pieces of jewelry made from gold and silver.  This opened the door for American craftsmen including William Riker who had a passion for jewelry but knew he did not want to be employed in someone else's store.

As the main man behind the brand, William started slowly. He became an apprentice with two companies in New York City in his twenties, after which he established the firm Riker and Tay and became a partner with George H. Tay.

A few years after that, they expanded and Tay left the firm to become a gold prospector in California. Riker became partners with Horace Goble after which the company’s name was changed to Riker & Goble.

Riker Brothers: A Family Brand With Decades Of Combined Experience

William Riker overhauled  the firm when Goble retired. With the introduction of his sons, the company’s name changed to Riker Brothers, and moved to a new location. Even though William died in 1898, his sons learned much from him and William Jr. became the head of the company in the 1890s.

The history of Riker Brothers Antique jewelry

The company then moved to Indianapolis where it remained until the 1940s. Following in their father's footsteps,  the Riker Brothers constantly innovated the mechanical processes including the surface ornamentation of jewelry. They worked with many high-end materials and reshaped them into fine luxury items.

Riker Brothers Until Today

The Riker brothers managed to develop a business that was generating $5 million a year.  They perfected their exquisite workmanship and technological innovation and produced pieces that were sold all over the world through franchises and exclusive stores.

The Riker Brothers gold and platinum jewelry continues to be known for its exceptional quality.  From watch pins to bracelets, earrings, pins and corsage pieces, this brand remains one of the most successful in the American jewelry industry.

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