An Enduring Legacy of Heirloom Quality Design

Oscar Heyman jewelry had its beginning in the early 20th century and has been on the market for more than 100 years. Today, Oscar Heyman jewelry is worn by many because it showcases the striking elegance of colorful gemstones.

Each of the Oscar Heyman creations is iconic and every collection accents the beauty of the women wearing it. Every piece is crafted by skilled American artisans using the finest European techniques that have been shared throughout three generations in the family business.

Oscar Heyman 14.86 CTW No Heat Golden Yellow Sapphire Fancy Colored Diamond Platinum 18 Karat Gold Ring GIA
Oscar Heyman 5.36 CTW No Heat Pink Sapphire Fancy Colored Diamond Platinum 18 Karat Gold Ring AGL

In 1912 two brothers from Latvia arrived in New York and opened their business. Oscar Heyman & Brothers was then established with both brothers having origins in some of the best Faberge workshops in Russia.

With admirable skills, creativity and talent, Oscar Heyman & Brothers became successful with their classical jewelry style.

Colored precious stones have always been part of the Oscar Heyman jewelry trademark. Each piece of jewelry is a result of flawless, excellent craftsmanship and impeccable matching and setting of stones. Well-known are the color combinations utilized in certain pieces.

Oscar Heyman Bros. 4.05 CTW Multi-Sapphire Diamond Platinum 18 Karat Gold Ring

The Oscar Heyman family dynasty is in its third generation. Their secret to quality, lies in the centuries-old skills that are still imparted from knee to knee.  The technical side of the business has never been lost.


The Oscar Heyman Jewelry Collection In Detail

The Oscar Heyman jewelry collection is quite diverse. You can find classic diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires designed and presented in the most colorful yet simplistic ways. Additionally, Oscar Heyman specializes in esoteric gemstones that have equally glamorous appeal and are quite popular.

Oscar Heyman 5.55 Carat TW Diamond Sapphire Platinum Swirl Ring GIA Circa 1965
Oscar Heyman 3.40 CTW Sapphire Diamond Platinum Floral Spray Brooch
Oscar Heyman Bros. 1.50 CTW Sapphire Diamond Interlaced 18K Gold Band Ring

You can find opals, aquamarines, star rubies, star sapphires and many other materials. All stones are carefully selected by hand and each piece of jewelry is properly signed and numbered. Oscar Heyman has delivered quality and elegance for more than a century.

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Sleek Oscar Heyman Contemporary 1.35 CTW Square Step Cut Diamond 18 Karat Gold Eternity Band