Marina Bulgari was part of the Bulgari legacy, assuming the responsibility of the company with her family upon her father's death in 1973. Feeling like her wings were clipped, Marina decided to soar in 1977, leaving Bulgari behind to found Crisart which was later re-branded as Marina B. Her solo venture in Geneva was met with great success and led to opening more venues in Milan, New York, and Paris.

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The brand embraced an innovative modern design that attracted the attention of celebrity and royalty alike. Color and shape cleverly create bold and instantly iconic motifs.

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Marina B. designed popular collections for three decades before retiring to Monaco in 1993. The Creative Director position was first filled by her nephew Giorgio Bulgari who paid her homage with the Triangoli Collection. In 2017, Guy Bedarida took a majority share in the company fortifying its legacy and future while incorporating Marina in design decisions.

The first collection featured trillion diamonds set in a rhythmic pattern of perfectly interlocked triangles to create the exciting aesthetic of movement in a choker.


The triangle became a repeated motif throughout her career as well as the "chestnut," a sweet swollen shape similar to that found in nature. Each constantly re-invented in color and size.

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Early pieces also featured sleek black enamel coupled with high polished gold in a stark, edgy, high contrast that was dynamic and is still relevant today. This kind of forward thinking prevented trend pieces and ensured life investment jewelry that can continue to be worn as fashion continues to evolve.  

Marina Bulgari enamel diamonds choker vintage jewelry

Not afraid of experimentation, Marina B. explored new technologies in her portfolio, pushing the boundaries of couture. She incorporated spring-mounted settings in her works and masterfully designed for variation by using interchangeable mountings to allow for personalization between pieces.

Unthreaded beads quickly became a staple to Marina B. once she introduced them in 1989 in the Atomo and Cardan collections.

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Marina B. pieces are classics with an edge and an eye for beguiling creativity.

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