Jose Hess - Talented Creator of  Diamond Jewelry

Jose Hess, designer pieces focus on contemporary jewelry that dazzles with diamonds.

Jose Hess By Jose Hess

Jose Hess is a master goldsmith, designer, gemologists and an aspiring artist whose vision captured the attention of American jewelry enthusiasts.

He specializes in creating unique designer collections and teaches jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  He is also a consultant to jewelry companies in the United States and abroad. His designer pieces provide ample proof of his design and artisan excellence. 

As an industry leader, Jose Hess is present in the mainstream both through his brand and his consulting work. He was the first American president of CIBJO (an international trade association linked to the jewelry industry) and a past president of the 24 Karat Club of New York City.

Jose Hess Jewelry: Everlasting Pieces Shining On The Red Carpet

Jose Hess jewelry has won numerous awards. He implemented a  manufacturing process geared towards attention to detail and precision.  His pieces speak of quality and fine craftsmanship.

From Elle to In Style, Mirabella, Vogue and other magazines, Jose Hess designs are presented, advertised, and well-received.  His pieces have been worn by celebrities including Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Candy Spelling, Sarah Michelle Gellar and others.