Canadian by birth, John Hardy set out to travel the world and found his calling in a tropical paradise.

Inspiration Strikes

Exotic Bali Province is an Indonesian island celebrated for its ancient history. The island has been influenced by many different world cultures, from Malay to Chinese, Arabic to Indian. Many come to Bali to meditate and visit its historic temples.

It was into this setting that John Hardy landed in the mid-1970s. Having completed his studies at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Hardy decided to take a journey around the world, a trip that ended when he reached Bali’s shores.

Hardy admired the Balinese jewelry-making techniques, and he began learning the ancient art himself. He had a good teacher. Hardy’s mentor came from a long line of goldsmiths who created jewelry for the Royal Court in Bali. Working with the island’s artisans, Hardy quickly developed his own style, incorporating the techniques he learned while infusing his own interpretation, making modern creations inspired by ancient methods.

In 1975, Hardy founded an island collective on Bali. Dedicated to jewelry that was crafted by hand, Hardy quickly determined that in for his jewelry collections to remain authentic, they should be created in the place that sparked his love of jewelry. 


Giving back to the Balinese community has been a priority of Hardy’s. Programs like Jobs for Life have given underserved women and children the opportunity to learn and prosper within the community, and established Hardy’s reputation for humanitarianism. 

John Hardy employs over 700 multi-generational Balinese artisans, including watercolor artists and metalsmiths. The company affirms its artisan families “craft jewelry through meditative, communal chain-weaving, hand-hammering, and carving.”


Since 2012, John Hardy has made it a practice to use 100% reclaimed silver to minimize the impact of mining. All of their diamonds are sourced strictly following the United Nations resolution and the Kimberley Process. Gemstones and other natural materials are sourced following their Ethical Sourcing Code of Conduct. “Greener Every Day” is the company’s slogan, which promotes its efforts to be a “green” organization.

Hardy also created a program whereby a bamboo seedling is planted for the sale of every piece purchased from his Bamboo Collection. John Hardy’s Kapal Bambu Showroom is built of bamboo and includes an underground vault lined in beeswax, as well as a system that uses natural air conditioning. 

Signature Technique

John Hardy’s designs often employ a technique that focuses on the back grill, where cutwork is etched on the inner surface of the jewelry. The method was inspired by a Balinese technique known as ukiran. Figurative and abstract motifs are employed to tell a story. The back grill tells a secret tale that cannot be seen, making the inside of the jewelry as engaging as the outside.

The firm is particularly heralded for its sterling silver jewelry designs, which employ four Balinese techniques: woven mesh, woven chain, granulation, and cutwork. 

John Hardy Collections include the Dot and Bamboo, as well as Cinta (Balinese for “love”), the company’s pinnacle collection.

New Influences

In 1999, a senior designer of haute joaillerie of the Place Vendôme joined the staff. Guy Bedarida became the Head Designer, expanding Hardy’s collections to include pieces designed using classic European jewelry techniques and new themes inspired by nature and ancient East Asian art.

Hollie Bonneville Barden joined the firm in 2016 as the Creative Director. Her first collection debuted the following year. Barden received formal training in jewelry design from London’s Central Saint Martin’s College and the Wimbledon School of Art. With her extensive formal fine jewelry skills and inventive approach, Barden leads the team of artisans and oversees all John Hardy collections.

New Directions

In 2002, The Cinta by John Hardy, a collection of jewelry featuring precious gemstones, made its debut.

In 2011, John Hardy teamed up with renowned supermodel Angela Lindvall, for the Hijau Dua collection, which featured handcrafted styles, fashioned with recycled sterling silver and 18K gold. 

Growing All the Time

John Hardy jewelry can be found in American department stores and has a footprint in the Middle East, Paris, United Kingdom, and in the Caribbean.

Celebrity Sightings

Several famous American figures have worn John Hardy designs, among them singer Carrie Underwood, actress/singer Zendaya Coleman and entertainer Ciara. 


  • 2007: Town & Country Design Award for Best Silver: Couture Jewelry Collections and Conference, Las Vegas
  • 2017: Best in Colored Gemstones Above $2,000: Couture Design Awards, Las Vegas