An Extraordinary Jewelry Designer Celebrated By Many

Some know him as a goldsmith while others refer to him as one of the best jewelry designers of all times. Whatever you call him, Henry Dunay is the perfect example of a man who was able to turn precious stones into exquisite pieces.

The scratched surface technique in jewelry design known as “Sabi” is what made Henry Dunay a recognized jeweler. Today, Henry Dunay designs can be seen on the red carpets, and worn by an elite, glamorous clientele.

Henry Dunay Retro 2.15 CTW Diamond 18 Karat Brushed Gold pavA Sabi Necklace

A Life Dedicated To Jewelry Design

Just like many other jewelers, Henry Dunay became involved in jewelry design  young, at the age of 14, working as an apprentice for one of New York’s famous jewelers, Rudolph Cacioli. As a boy born to Polish American parents in Jersey City, Henry was modest but knew that he had a passion for making  jewelry and knew that it would provide him with a secure future.   

As soon as he polished his skills, Henry was determined to make a name for himself. He opened his first business and familiarized himself with fashion trends in jewelry.  His work became known and he received awards for his innovative and creative skills.

Henry Dunay Vintage 18 Karat Yellow Gold Hammered Curb Link Bracelet Circa 1980

Henry Dunay 18 Karat Yellow Gold Fashionable Door Knocker Earrings

Henry Dunay’s work has always been appreciated by the upper echelons of society.  Although capturing the interest of this demographic was difficult, Henry Dunay's Sabi finish was unique and elegant. 

Inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic asymmetry, the technique is simple yet integral to Dunay pieces. Throughout his life, Dunay was committed to making this technique widespread and creating ever-elusive pieces that reflect his beliefs and spiritual thoughtfulness.

Even though retired, Henry Dunay is still actively involved in the jewelry community. He is a member of many councils and organizations and has received numerous awards for his work.

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Henry Dunay Vintage 18 Karat Yellow Gold Hammered Swirl Ring Circa 1980's

Henry Dunay Vintage 18 Karat Yellow Gold Hammered Swirl Ring Circa 1980's

Henry Dunay Vintage 18 Karat Yellow Gold Hammered Swirl Ring Circa 1980's