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Stern is one of the luxury jewelry brands first founded in Brazil in 1945 by Hans Stern. Currently, the firm is run by Roberto Stern who is Hans’ son. Even though the brand initially specialized in precious stones, it later moved to designer focused jewelry.

H. Stern 4.35 CTW Multi-Gem Tourmaline Amethyst Citrine Garnet 18 Karat Gold Cocktail Ring

H. Stern Vintage 1970's Multi-Gem 18 Karat Gold Cord Drop Necklace

    A Brief History Of The Brand

    Hans Stern was a German Jew born in Essen in 1922. As a teenager, he was forced to flee the country and was grateful to get a visa for Brazil. Even though they arrived penniless with no idea on how they would support themselves, Stern was able to gain employment in a jewelry company called Cristlab and pursue a career in the international gem trade.

    Six years after that, Hans founded his own company which was instrumental in manufacturing jewelry from the under-exploited gem resources of Brazil. At the time, the Latin American market had not been introduced to semi-precious stones such as aquamarine, citrine, tourmaline and amethyst. Today, thanks to H. Stern, Brazil has a world-famous jewelry industry and is a source of almost half of the world’s colored gems.

    The company went through a restructuring process in the 1990s, guided by the oldest son Roberto Stern who is the current President and Creative Director. Many areas of manufacture were addressed in this process. From product development to style and fashion trends, the company began to understand the needs of the market.

    H. Stern Diamond Rhodochrosite 18 Karat Gold Drop Vintage Earrings

    A Leading Latin American Jewelry Brand Worn By Many Celebrities

    H. Stern jewelry has been worn by many famous people. The musician Carlinhos Brown, artist Anna Bella Geiger, cultural icon Diane von Furstenberg, architect Oscar Niemeyer and the Grupo Corpo dance company all wore H. Stern pieces. Today, celebrities including Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Sharon Stone, Eva Longoria and others favor H. Stern jewelry.

    Stern is a brand recognized for its unique and innovative jewelry collections and is a leading jeweler in Latin America where 160 stores are located.  They have locations in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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    H. Stern 1970 Vintage Rock Crystal 18 Karat Gold Fashion Band Ring

    H. Stern 1970 Vintage Rock Crystal 18 Karat Gold Fashion Band Ring