The Colorful Side of Diamonds

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Diamonds are typically sold with the ideal that they should be colorless. However, diamonds can come in a variety of colors and these colored diamonds are far more rare than those that are colorless.

Chemically there are four types of diamonds and only two of those types allow for color. Diamonds are naturally colorless since their chemical make up is so perfect. Color only occurs when heat allows enough of an opening on a molecular level for a trace element to exist.

Fancy colored diamonds are a rare find but are typically mined in Australia, Brazil, India, and South Africa.

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A Rainbow of Color

Brown diamonds are the most abundantly found colored diamonds. They were once only used for industrial purposes, but have gained popularity in contemporary times. They've deliciously been called champagne and chocolate depending on saturation.

The second most common color of diamond is yellow. The hue is caused by nitrogen exposure during development. The element is a byproduct of the plant cycle and is found impregnated in the Earth's soil. 

Blue diamonds are out of this world and are colored by the element boron. This element is exceedingly rare and is produced from stardust and cosmic activity. 

Green colored diamonds are unusual and sometimes even dangerous. This color is produced by irradiation, often needing to be properly graded to ensure a safe level of radioactivity.

Purple diamonds are exciting in that they are one of the rarest gemstones but are colored by the most common element in the universe, hydrogen. Purple diamonds are a testament that the right conditions must be present in order for certain stones to exist.

Pink and red diamonds are the most valued and highly sought and can cost up to twenty times more than a colorless stone. What makes them so incredible is that the passionate colors are only present due to a flaw in the diamond's molecular makeup. A rarely occurring natural mistake that makes them so beautiful. Most pink and red diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia but experts have yet to discover why.


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