One Of America’s First Elite Jewelers

Black, Starr & Frost became known in the early 1800s for catering to the elite with exceptional jewelry and fine service.  The company is thought to be the first of American jewelers and is the longest continuously operated store in the United States.

With over two centuries of experience, Black, Starr & Frost continues to be a successful American firm that presents luxurious, high quality jewelry.

Black Starr & Frost Art Deco Diamond Chrysoprase Enamel Platinum Link Bracelet

Early History

Founded in 1810 by Isaac Marquand, Black, Starr & Frost first opened as Marquard & Co. in New York City. 

When William Black and Henry Ball joined the firm, the name was changed to Black, Ball & Company. In 1912, the company again changed to Black, Starr & Frost and moved its New York City offices to Fifth Avenue and 48th Street, known as the diamond district in New York City.

The company has sold numerous significant pieces including a $200,000 diamond necklace acquired by the stage star Peggy Hopkins Joyce.  She later purchased a $373,000 127-carat Portuguese diamond. Prestigious jewelry of this nature will continue to be fashionable and Black, Star & Frost will remain in the forefront of design.


Black Starr and Frost Retro 18 Karat Two-Tone Gold Collar Link Necklace

Modern History

Since the 1800s, Black, Starr & Frost has had a large clientele including Elizabeth Taylor, the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Carnegies, Guggenheims, Bunny Mellon, Zsa Zsa Gabor and many others. The brand has even been mentioned in songs that were used in films and on Broadway.

Although the company has come under new ownership several times, the creativity, design and materials used continue to excite its clientele.  In 2015, Black, Starr & Frost premiered a new selection of watches that were highly praised.

Black Starr & Frost Art Deco Diamond Chrysoprase Enamel Platinum Link Bracelet

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